“We’re on a mission. We see clients for many different reasons, but the one thing they all want is to look and feel great. We believe you should feel empowered and confident, every day.”

Tessa & Abby – Personal Stylists


Tessa and Abby aim – to help you to discover the best possible version of you.

We grew up together in a family where fashion and finesse went hand-in-hand. As sisters, we learned the importance of choosing every purchase with care and attention. The mantra was always to chose well, buy less and to make it last.

Later, we went our separate ways. But, almost inevitably, we found ourselves in careers that utilised our sense of style and taste – Tessa trained in interior design and property, Abby traded in high-end jewellery, helping to dress celebrity clients and working with elite fashion houses.

We now have families of our own. Tessa set up ‘The Everyday Stylist’ in 2014 and later enlisted Abby to join forces with her.

The Everyday Stylist - Abby and Tess